Sandblasted Glass

renovatiesSandblasted Glass Services, Wolverhampton

Harris Glass has in-depth knowledge of many specialist glass processes, including sandblasting. Similar to etching, it involves blasting the surface with grit which created tiny indentations in the glass, leaving a creamy-white appearance.

In environments such as commercial offices, sandblasted glass is extremely popular for displaying a company logo or design. This is achieved by hand or computer cutting the design with a ‘mask’, which protects the rest of the glass from abrasion. Sandblasting can also be used to obscure the view through glass for added privacy, yet still letting in light.

At Harris Glass, we can cater to any of your needs when it comes to sandblasting a design onto glass. It could be in a traditional Victorian style or eye-catching and contemporary, to act as a door panel, partition screen, balustrades or wall plaque mirror. If you want the sandblasted effect on a window, we would advise fitting double glazing to reduce fingerprints and the need for cleaning.

So if you are based locally to Wolverhampton and are looking for a superior quality, leading sandblasting service, Harris Glass should be your first point of call. Contact our friendly team for great value and expert advice, we will be happy to help you.